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Carlo Meo – Daniela Ostidich


He is CEO of Marketing and Trade, a consultancy agency of consumer behavior and retail design, which he co-founded in 1993 at the age of 27. He is one of the leading international experts on consumer behavior and on the conceptualization of places of purchase. Promulgator of theories in total antithesis with the vulgarization of marketing with respect to the centrality of the individual and his needs. He is a columnist for various specialized magazines and the author of books on marketing, food and design. He teaches through the Politecnico of Milan, he is a professor and member of the scientific committee of the New Entertainment design and Food Experience design courses of Polidesign. He is a consultant for some of the main newspapers regarding consumer issues and consumer behavior.


She has been president of M&T since its foundation. Strategic marketing consultant for consumer goods companies, industrial goods and Italian distribution brands. Since 1989 she has dealt with behaviors and trends in the world of consumption, collaborating with many newspapers, editorials and television. An international expert on places of purchase and consumption, has carried out projects of strategic concept and retail design in different markets and sectors starting from the centrality of the experience of use of space. The focus of her professional activity is the innovation of products and distribution formulas within a company in rapid and liquid evolution, which makes it necessary to play in advance with respect to consumer trends and feelings.